As we were driving up to the hangar, I realized it was our first visit to Skydive Orange since 2015 began.  How was that even possible?  It felt strange and a little eerie because there weren't very many cars in the parking lot. After the car was unloaded, our next task was to fill out waivers. 

As soon as we finished the paperwork, we put ourselves on a load.  We needed to get in the air quickly because the winds were picking up. Since both of us have been doing mainly belly jumps, we decided we'd do a freefly jump. Our jump went well, but Matt was struggling with my fall rate. I'm too fast for him!

Matt's 1,199

When we got to the ground, it was very windy. I started my final approach at 800 feet, but got no penetration! Bummer! Fortunately, I had a soft landing.

While we were packing our rigs, Price showed up with his dad. Even though the drop zone was no longer on a wind hold, most of the fun jumpers had left and there really wasn't anyone to jump with except for me.  I asked Matt what he wanted to do. I wanted his 1,200th to be special and suggested that he might want to wait until we were at VSC so we could do it with Carol.  

Considering the wind conditions, we decided to wait to do the jump.  Better safe than sorry!  Plus, it would be super fun to do a big way.