When we got to VSC on Saturday, most of the experienced jumpers were at Carolinafest. Not going to lie, I was kinda jealous. However, traveling to South Carolina didn't fit into our plans. We figured that we'd do some low passes and work on the skills we learned during Greg Windmiller's class.

After my first low pass, I did an initiation jump for The Pink Mafia Sisters. The jump was fun, but I was struggling with the fall rate. I'm used to being the fast one! Congratulations to Dani! PMS # 791

When we landed, I packed my rig and checked in with Matt. He was shooting video on the next load so I'd be on my own. Dani was dirt diving with two guys. When she was done, I asked what they were doing and if I could tag along and do video. She said they were doing belly and I could come along. I asked her to show me the exit.

Hmmm...they were planning a sit train exit on a belly jump. This should be interesting...

As you can see from the video, the jumper in the middle of the train brushed his rig against the front of the jumper in the rear. As a result, the flap was dislodged. I've watched this video several times the hacky did not come out in the train. Fortunately, everyone was landed safely.

Prior to the jump, I did everything BUT tell Dani not to do this exit. In the future, I am going to be more aggressive in expressing my concern. 

My lesson for the day... Ask more questions! Collectively, the jumpers had less than 150 jumps and two of them were using student rental gear. Yikes!