TSC Girl PowerOur day started with a safety briefing by Greg - the DZO.  He made sure the girls understood the pattern for the day and talked about how the pattern would shift as the day went on.  

Prior to our first jump, we talked about doing gear checks before each load. It's important for us to look out for each other!

We also talked about confidence.  So much of this sport is in your head. Using Amy Cuddy's TED talk as a reference, I explained the science behind power poses.  I told them I wanted to see power poses before each jump. Love this photo of us practicing!

One of the challenges as an organizer is to figure out how to get it all done.  WSCRs, Pink Mafia Jumps, Mrs. Potato head, belly and freeflying - so many things to do and try! At the beginning of the day, we had mainly belly flyers.  We started the day with WSCR attempts.

While we were on the ground in between loads, I had a conversation with the girls about the drop zone dating game.  So much time and money is invested in a skydiving license and gear, I told them they should be a skydiver first.  Focus on the sport before they try to find Mr. Right.  It's called a "Home Drop Zone" for a reason - do you want to share your home with your ex?  I know I don't!

As the day past, more people showed up.  Rose went off to do jumps with the freefliers and I stuck with the belly girls.  I was very excited when Nancy Gruttman-Tyler arrived. She had brought along a really nice presentation about the WSCR's and she spent some time talking to the girls about the history of the WSCR and skydiving.

Four Barbies, two hands and a cnopyI only managed to fit in one Pink Mafia initiation jump, but it didn't go as planned.  I ended up landing with four Barbies!  If you see me in person, ask me and I will tell you the story! Needless to say, I was just a little panicked when I turned to track. Fortunately, I managed to hold on to all of the Barbies and landed safely with them.

Toward the end of the day, a few girls wanted to make another WSCR attempt. After about 20 minutes of trying to find 8 women, I could only come up with 7. I was so bummed out. On the plus side, one of the 7 women (Karen) had a ton of belly experienced and offered to help me organize a kick ass 7 way. Karen had participated in the Women's World Record 181 Way in 2009. Awesome! Bonus: The local freefall photographer (Don) said he'd come along and take pictures.

While we were dirt diving, Rose came over and offered to use my camera to shoot outside video. Both Don and I had the same idea:  We could do one last WSCR attempt!  On our last jump of the day, 8 women came together and made it happen and Don captured this awesome photo!

WSCR at TSC -  Photo by Don

I absolutely love the smiles in this photo!  I'm so proud of these ladies for working hard to make this happen!