Sun Rise at TSC

Since it was only 6:25 when I entered the hangar, everyone was still asleep. I tiptoed up the steps because I didn't want to wake up anyone.  I passed one of the local guys snoozing on the sofa outside the bathroom.  My shower was brief because I wasn't sure how much hot water they had. One of the nice things about TSC - the bathrooms were very clean.  They had two located downstairs and one with a shower upstairs away from the tandem traffic.

When I was back at the van, I checked the time.  It was still before 7:00 AM.  I was so tired!  I think I only slept about 3 hours.  I just couldn't stop worrying about my dad and wondering when he'd be out of the hospital.  I was in desperate need of caffeine!  Fortunately, I located a McDonald's not far way.  I grabbed two drinks and a breakfast sandwich and made it back to the drop zone before anyone new showed up.