Since neither of us had a clue where to go, Rose used her phone to find a place to eat  - an Italian restaurant about twenty minutes away - Il Bacio. On the way to the restaurant, we talked about the day. During dinner, Rose told me a story about a similar situation with a guy named Jay Prock. They were at an event that had been rained out and ended up having oodles of time to hang out .  Rose suggested the three of us should plan a vacation together. She has a great sense of humor! Dinner was delicious and the company was excellent.

After dinner, we took a walk around the shopping center.  Both of us were very full and in need of some exercise. We were hoping to make a circle around the building, but we encountered a very dark impassable spot behind the building and turned around. Before we headed back to the drop zone, we popped into the grocery store and grabbed a few things for the next day.

When we got back to the DZ, we were surprised to find everyone had gone for the day. We made our way through the dimly lit manifest area, past the bathrooms and turned the corner to open the door to the packing area.  It was so dark!

Together, we navigated our way through the darkness and unfamiliar furniture obstacle course. When we were about 1/2 way across the hangar, one of the TIs opened the door providing us some much needed light!  We asked him how to get outside to the trailer and he pointed out an exit on the far side of the room. I mentioned to him that I'd be sleeping out front in my van and he reaffirmed that the door would be open.

Once we were outside, Rose and I went to the trailer. We are both talkers!  So many exciting things are happening for Rose - newly engaged and getting ready to embark on the next chapter of her life - moving to Arizona. I'm sure we could have talked all night, but I figured it would be best to make it a short night as we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday.

As I entered the hangar, I discovered that it was completely dark AGAIN!  I held the door open for a minute and took note of the furniture placement. This time, no one came to my rescue. On the plus side, I only bumped in to two things!  YAY!

After I brushed my teeth, I snuggled in to my comfy bed.  I was hopeful that the quiet hum of the fan would help me fall asleep, but my mind was too busy thinking about my dad.