When I woke up on Thursday, I really just wanted to go back to bed. Our wonderful kitty Blaze has been waking us up early every day. I was so tired, but I needed to get in 10 jumps before our trip and we were running out of time. I figured I'd be better off to do a few on Thursday in lieu of trying to pound out 10 in a day.

It was a slow paced day at the drop zone and there was plenty of time to pack in between loads. On my first two jumps, I went to full altitude. I finally got to do a Pink Mafia Initiation jump with Kathi! She did GREAT! I absolutely love jumping with Kathi because she is always smiling!


On the second jump, I did a three way with Kathi and Emma. Girl power!

Back Flying with Kathi

Even though our exit was wonky, as you can see it didn't stop us from having a fun time.

My ears were bothering me so I finished out the day with two low passes. On the last load of the day, a young couple was getting married. Before I left the plane, I got them to kiss.

Love on the Plane

It's not a great picture, but it was super fun to be on the wedding load! They ended up getting married on the way to altitude and then did tandem skydives! Congratulations to the newly weds!

Girls on the Plane

When I left the drop zone, I had a smile on my face. It was a super fun day and I only have six jumps left before our trip! Saturday would be easy breezy lemon squeezy!