On Friday, Suzanne posted a schedule for the SIS event - breakfast was being served at 9. Sweet!

When I woke up, it was chilly outside. I packed the car and headed over to the DZ. When I got there, I found the other sisters huddled around the heat lamp. It was COLD in the hangar. Fortunately, someone had prepared a hot breakfast for us.

It took awhile for us to get moving. No one wanted to leave the heat lamp, but a small group of us went out to watch the first load land. It was a little windy, but nothing I couldn't handle. As we walked back to the hangar, I discovered that the freefly organizer, Robin, was not a member of the Pink Mafia.

When we got back to the hangar, the RW organizer Kelly asked if we could do the PMS jump and Robin came along. Pink Mafia Sister Suzanne #690 joined us for the Hokey Pokey. The Pink Mafia Sisters initiation jumps are always fun. I love the smiles in freefall.

Freefall with Barbie

After we landed, one of the AFF students took a picture of us. All the Barbies made it back safely. Thank you Caio for this beautiful picture!

Skydiving Women

I packed my rig and got ready for a freefly jump with Robin, Suzanne, and Mary. Caio took a picture of us practicing our exit.

Hanging on the Place - Photo by "Caio"

The jump didn't go so well for me. I was struggling with the fall rate. I think I might need to invest in a tighter suit or wear street clothes next time. At least, Mary, Robin & Suzanne were together!

The day went by quickly. There were hot air balloon jumps, a yummy dinner at Giuseppe's and a fun raffle. I won a PD gift certificate. Awesome! I have been meaning to order a new pair of winter gloves. I lost one at the VA record attempts in May.