Since we were only planning to do a couple of jumps, we didn't rush over to Skydive Orange. We slept until 9. By the time we got in the air, it was almost noon!

I only did two jumps. The first was a freefly jump with Mary. Our exit didn't work and we got off level. I got into a stand and managed to get down to her before it was time to track away.

Mary Sit Fly

My second jump was a Pink Mafia Sisters initiation jump with Mary and Leslie.

Pink Mafia Jump

Leslie and BarbieI gave Mary her Barbie first and then passed one to Leslie.

As soon as we broke apart, we were having issues with levels. I decided to stick with Leslie as she has less than 100 jumps. She did great and nailed the back flip!

The Pink Mafia Sisters gained two new members and I had a blast. Jumping with Barbie is never boring!

Under canopy, there was a ton of traffic! I held out in brakes and waited for an opening in the pattern. I had a sweet landing right next to the peas!

When we got back to the hangar, we decided to call it a day. We packed up the car and headed home.

Even though we weren't at the drop zone long, I had a great time. The weather was unseasonably warm and it was fun jumping with the girls!