Since there are 20 locations in Texas, I decided to start with New Mexico first. Once I figure out where to go in New Mexico, I will pick a Texas DZ that is closest to our driving route.

I used Google maps to look for places to skydive in New Mexico, but only one location appeared. That seemed odd to me because had four listed. After I did a little digging, I discovered two of them were closed - Skydive Hobbs and Skydive White Sands. 

Web Page for Skydive El PasoWhen I followed the link for Skydive EL Paso (located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico), I reached a page that was for sale. The research for New Mexico was frustrating. I decided to take another approach.

Using the USPA website's DZ Locator, I found a listing for Skydive El Paso. Unfortunately, the listing didn't have a website address! Skydive El Paso was the only USPA member DZ in New Mexico.

Since I wasn't having any luck finding a website for Skydive El Paso, I decided to try Facebook. I was delighted to see a page for them and even more thrilled to see photos from September 13th. Awesome! I called (575) -589-4506 (the number on the Facebook page) and left a message. Normally, I like to send an email too, but the Facebook page did not list an email address.

The link for Skydive New Mexico worked, but I didn't see a telephone number on the home page. I found it eventually, and called (505) 864-7942. I reached another answering machine and left a message.

So, it looks like there are two potential drop zones in New Mexico. Out of curiosity, I checked to see how far away they are from our house.  Skydive New Mexico is 1,857 miles and Skydive El Paso is 1,920.  Dare I ask Matt if he has any interest in driving?