With my research in hand (maps, telephone numbers, etc.), I sat down at the patio table to talk about New Mexico. With only two drop zones in New Mexico, Skydive El Paso seems like a better choice for us. Even though Skydive New Mexico is a little closer, the drop zone is at 5,200 MSL = smoking fast landings. Yikes! I'm not a fan of high speed ass slides. After I mentioned the distance in miles, Matt said, "But we're flying, right?" I explained the pros an cons of driving vs flying. He didn't say, "No". So, we agreed to revisit this topic later.

Our conversation turned to the weekend. Try to get another state or spend our weekend at a local DZ? Matt said he thought we should head up to Vermont and possibly New Hampshire. I suggested we leave New Hampshire for the Rhode Island trip (which is going to be complicated). I didn't want to be in a rush to leave Vermont because my brother and his girlfriend live there. If we could stay for awhile, maybe they could join us for lunch.

After Matt left, I started doing some research on Vermont and quickly found the drop zone closest to our house.  It would take just over 9 hours to get to  Vermont Skydiving Adventures in West Addison, VT. I checked the weekend weather, and it was looking pretty good. Then, I called the drop zone to see if they'd be open.  I spoke with a gentleman named Ole and he said they would open at 9 and would be jumping until sunset. Perfect!

Later in the evening, I sent a Facebook message to my brother's girl friend to let her know we'd be up that way and to ask if they'd come down and have lunch with us. I was so surprised to hear back from them.  Not only did they want to have lunch, they might go skydiving too! AWESOME!

Most of my day was spent running errands and getting the car ready for our trip. Technically, I should have gotten my oil changed before we set out on this trip, but they couldn't fit me in this week. I checked the oil, topped off the washer fluid and cleaned out the car.

In just a few hours, we'll be hitting the road. I wonder where we will sleep tonight?