Sarah & Matt at the Casper mountain lookoutBefore I went to the room, I wanted to pack my rig. I didn't want to chance spreading the pollen from the field. I tried to find a place to pack outside the hotel, but couldn't find one that would work. Matt suggested that we pack in the hall upstairs, but I asked the front desk clerk and he said we could pack in the lobby. Awesome!

After we finished packing, Matt started putting together a balloon jump video. At first, I thought I might be able to take a nap, but I couldn't fall asleep. I was exhausted, but my mind was busy. It worked! Jumping at Skydive Colorado and getting the balloon jump on schedule. The hours I spent planning and researching had paid off!

I gave up trying to sleep and we talked about our plans for Friday and Saturday. If we got up early on Friday, we could go to Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower in the same day. We need to stay awake so we'd be able to get up early on Friday morning.

We decided to go Casper Mountain to take some pictures. That sounded fun, but my nose would not stop running.

Before we headed up the mountain, we drove to Target so I could get Allegra and Kleenex. We also grabbed a few more snacks as our supply was starting to run low.  

When we got to the lookout, we discovered our camera wasn't working. GRRR! It's hard to say what happened to it, but the shutter wasn't closing fast enough. Matt did some research and reset the camera to the factory settings, but it still didn't work. Fortunately, we had our cell phones and used them instead. We could see for miles, but it was so windy!

We drove down the mountain to the Rotary Park and hiked out to the water fall. We crossed over the stream so I could get some better pictures.

Matt at the Falls

While we were messing around at the falls, I got a call from a local reporter. When I answered the phone, he said, "Is this SillySkyGirl?" He wanted to interview us for his online paper. We agreed to meet him at 3:30 in the hotel lobby.