McDonald's NYOur room at the Courtyard was very comfortable! I was thrilled that the air conditioning fan didn't turn on and off all night long and the room was dark. I slept until 6:30 when the sunlight trickled in through a tiny gap in the curtains. I got up to fix the curtains and to use the bathroom. After that, I had a hard time going back to sleep.

At 7:52, I got out of bed and got a shower. As soon as I was out, Matt got in and I went to get a luggage cart and loaded it with our stuff. With the exception of the toiletries, I had everything ready to go - I even laid out his clothes  to help save time.

Once we were in the car, I searched for Vermont Skydiving Adventures using Waze. We were only 2 hours away. Our hotel did not offer free breakfast.  No worries - we had bag of blueberry bagels with us. So, we headed over to McDonald's and ordered cream cheese along with our half-cut sweet tea. I was shocked when they gave me the total - $5.60! What the heck? Where's the $1 sweet tea? Matt suggested that I might have ordered the wrong thing, but I didn't. 

While we were waiting at the McDonald's drive through, I texted my brother to tell him we'd be there around 11. Matt hopped out of the car to get some cash from the ATM across the parking lot. There were only two cars in front of us, but I didn't move an inch while he was gone. In fact, we sat in the same spot for about 5 minutes! To make things even more confusing, the hold up wasn't at the pick up window, it was at the one where you pay for your order. Strange... 

It was a beautiful day and the drive was a piece of cake - not much traffic and no major delays. I would have driven directly to the drop zone, but I was nearly out of gas. With only 18 miles left to drive, we stopped at the Maplefields gas station in Ticonderoga - $2.519 a gallon. That's crazy expensive. On the way through New Jersey, we saw gas prices less than $1.90! After I filled up the tank, I calculated my mileage - 24.12 MPG - not bad! 

Inside Maplefields, I discovered why the gas prices are so high. The place was immaculate and the bathroom (complete with a marble vanity) included a gorgeous bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Wow! Unfortunately, they didn't sell any souvenirs. The cashier suggested I check the Rite Aid across the street.

As I entered the Rite Aid, my phone rang. It was my brother checking to see how soon we'd be at the drop zone. We chatted for a minute while I looked around. I had no luck finding anything for Vermont, but I ended up buying a NY Adirondacks key chain and some hand sanitizer.

Matt took over the driving so I could put on my ankle braces. As we drove over the bridge from New York into Vermont, I snapped a few pictures of Lake Champlain and turned the camera up to take a picture of the bridge. I really like this one!

Bridge to Vermont