Original Goal...five states in four days.  DONE! was only noon on Saturday.  Could we get a sixth state?  If so, which one?


Since Kentucky was out, we needed to find an alternative place to go.  Great Lakes Skydiving was located in Beloit, Wisconsin - less than 100 miles away from Skydive Chicago!


Things fell into place at Tecumseh and it was a breeze at Skydive Ft Wayne, would it be possible that our luck would hold out at Skydive Chicago?


On the way to Skydive Ft. Wayne (AKA Gravity Powered Sports), we discovered a TON of yard sales.  We were surprised because it was a Friday.  Do any of these people work?


Our five state adventure was started in Ohio at Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio (511 miles from house).