Sarah, Matt & RayLast week, we went to Colorado and Wyoming and finished our journey to skydive in every state. This week, I'll be writing posts about the experience, but I wanted to make this post to say that we are done!

I did my first AFF jump  on July 10, 2004 at Skydive Orange in Virginia. So, I guess technically it took me 12 years to achieve this goal. However, Matt and I didn't really start working on this until December of 2013. At that time, we had jumped in 8 states together.

Along the way, we saw some amazing sights and drove over 20,000 miles. The United States has a wide variety of terrain and climate.

We visited Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park in California, Las Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, The Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal in Florida, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the volcanic rock fields in Oregon, water falls and an active volcanoes in Hawaii, and many other amazing places. 

Over the course of the last few years, we have met some of the nicest people on the planet. So many people helped us achieve this goal! I couldn't possibly name every one, but I'm going to try.

  1. Utah - Skydive Ogden
  2. North Carolina - Carolina Sky Sports & Nate Harpe and Jennifer McKinney
  3. Pennsylvania - The Skydivin' Place & Jim Smith
  4. Virginia - Skydive Orange & Everyone that came to our wedding!
  5. Florida - Skydive Deland & Tammy McCarthy
  6. Maine - Skydive New England
  7. Massachusettes - Skydive Pepperell & Friendly Staff/Locals
  8. Connecticut - Connecticut Parachutist, Inc.
  9. California - Skydive Perris & John Carlson
  10. Arizona - Skydive Arizona & Liz Williams
  11. Nevada - Skydive Mesquite & Awesome DZO
  12. Tennessee - Skydive East Tennessee & Tim Carlyle
  13. South Carolina - Skydive Carolina & Annette Smith
  14. Delaware - Skydive Delmarva
  15. Maryland - Skydive Deep Creek & Donald Johnson
  16. West Virginia - Skydive Deep Creek & Neal Porter
  17. Ohio - Start Skydiving & The packer that gave me a rubberband.
  18. Michigan - Skydive Tecumseh & Rex,Dennis and Billie
  19. Indiana - Skydive Ft. Wayne AKA Gravity Powered Sports & Tod Molter
  20. Illinois - Skydive Chicago & The locals that were willing to put up one last load!
  21. Wisconsin - Great Lakes Skydiving & The friendly staff!
  22. Iowa - Paradise Skydives & Jay Speckeen
  23. Alabama - Skydive Alabama & Christi
  24. Georgia - Skydive Georgia
  25. Louisiana - Skydive Nawlins & Brenda and Charlie
  26. Mississippi - Gold Coast Skydivers & Lizz, Celine and Jeananne
  27. Arkansas - Skydive Skyranch & Wolf Grulkey and Tyler
  28. Oklahoma - Oklahoma Skydiving Center & the awesome staff!
  29. Kansas - Air Capitol Drop Zone & Martin Myrtle
  30. Missouri - Skydive Missouri & Feisty
  31. Kentucky - Skydive Kentucky & Jim's amazing wife!
  32. Oregon - Eugene Skydivers & Urban Moore and Teresa of Skydive Oregon!
  33. Idaho - Skydive Idaho & John and John
  34. Washington - West Plains Skydiving & the locals waiting for the only load of the day!
  35. Montana - Meadow Peak Skydiving & Wayne, Rhonda & Chet 
  36. Alaska - Alaska Skydiving Center & Tammy, Dan, Barb & Ian
  37. Minnesota - Skydive Twin Cities & Spencer and Luke
  38. North Dakota - Skydive Fargo  The Awesome Club! & Tina Richards
  39. South Dakota - Skydive Adventures & Matt Link
  40. Nebraska - Lincoln Sport Parachute Club & The Awesome Club & Chuck Crinklaw
  41. New Jersey - Skydive Sussex & Mother Nature
  42. New York - Skydive The Ranch & Emma 
  43. Vermont - Vermont Skydiving Adventures - Ole Thomsen
  44. Rhode Island - Boston Skydive Center & Dean O'Flaherty
  45. New Mexico - Skydive El Paso & Bob Kern
  46. Texas - Skydive El Paso & Bob Kern
  47. Hawaii - Pacific Skydiving & Arvel Shults
  48. New Hampshire - Josh AKA Papa Smurf
  49. Colorado - Skydive Colorado & Nathan Morgan
  50. Wyoming - This is a long list! Colin of Sydive Hot Springs, Nathan Morgan of Skydive Colorado, Heather Day for giving me a list of potential balloon pilots, Mark Purdy for trying to work with me, Dan Griffin for giving me a second list of balloon pilots, Bruce Pivic, Tammy Folley, and Pat Newlin for giving me a third list of balloon pilots, and Cameron for suggesting we go with Ray! But most of all RAY Shady and his crew (Nancy, Lon, Leah, Pam, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, and Jane!) Thank you Jim Crouch, Bobby Page, and Josh for the information about NOTAMs!

I'd also like to thank my mom. When I broke my ankle on my 4th AFF jump, my mom said, "When will you be able to jump again?" My mother taught me to be a strong independent woman. This is a gift that I carry with me every day. Thanks, Mom!