WSCRA few weeks ago, one of my friends, Erin, injured her knee.  She was supposed to be organizing at Triangle's SIS event this coming weekend.  When she asked me to take her place, I agreed to step in and help, but I wasn't 100% sure I was the right person for the job.

After a Facebook exchange with one of my skydiving sisters, I started second guessing myself.  I've organized RW before, but I'm not a 4 way guru like Erin. Of course, my self doubt quickly dissipated because Erin told me that I am an awesome big sister!  Thanks Erin.

Sarah With Tongue outI also reminded myself that a SIS event isn't a four way training day! We will be doing WSCR attempts, Pink Mafia Initiation Jumps, Mrs. Potato Head jumps, some hybrids, and more!

Yesterday, I spent the bulk of my day prepping for the event.  It's going to be tough to fit it all into one weekend, but I am really hoping we can make it work. The picture above is from the 2012 Skydive Orange SIS event and was taken by David Rhea. He also caught me with my tongue out on the plane!  Of course, this is one of Matt's favorite photos of me.