Nancy Gruttman-TylerOn Saturday evening, we had a yummy dinner and hung out in the hangar while they gave away the raffle prizes.  When I finally went to bed, I was so exhausted. Some of the girls were planning to get up early for a sunrise load, NOT ME!!!  I was planning to sleep in.  

So much for sleeping in - I was up at 6:10. Too late to hop on the sunrise load, but perfect timing for a hot shower! The canopies were landing when I got back to the van.  Things were mostly quiet at the drop zone.  So, I went to grab breakfast with Rose & Debbie.

The pace on Sunday was much slower. Many of the girls were out of jump tickets and it seemed like it was taking longer to get the loads in the air.  I ended up doing two Pink Mafia initiation jumps.

My first jump of the day was with Nancy Gruttman-Tyler and Rachel M.  Nancy started skydiving in 1969.  She did just over 1,000 jumps and then took a 30 year break. Last fall, Nancy came back to the sport!!!  

The Pink Mafia was founded in 2003 when Nancy wasn't jumping. So, this was her first opportunity to do the initiation jump. I absolutely love Nancy's positive attitude! In April of this year, Nancy participated in the WSOS (Women Skydivers Over Sixty) 16 way World Record.  She is awesome! Go Nancy!

One of the other local women wanted to do the initiation jump - Julie.  While we were dirt diving, Don, offered to come along on the second jump, I was so excited. He'd taken some awesome photos on Saturday.  Julie did great and so did Don - love this picture!

Julie PMS Initiation Photo by Don

Before I left TSC, I talked to ShawnaRae about the event pros and cons.  I learned a few things about organizing and had some suggetions about event planning.  I also had an opportunity to talk to Greg about the drop zone.  All in all, my trip to TSC was a positive experience. They have a wonderful staff and a beautiful landing area. It will be fun to watch this drop zone continue to grow.