VSC Sister 4252015

When I arrived at VSC at 8:00, the sky was gray, but I was hopeful the weather would improve. I unloaded my car and put on my braces. I was ready to go! A bunch of the girls headed over to the airport building to take a Flight-1 canopy control course. I was bummed that I couldn't do it this time because Maxine Tate was teaching! She's pretty awesome!

MonkeyWhat do skydivers do when it's raining? Play with a monkey!

One of the local residents of Dinwiddie showed up with her husband. (I think he came to do a tandem, but I'm not sure). When she walked in with a stroller and said she had a monkey, we thought she meant a precocious child.

We were all pleased to discover that she meant a REAL monkey! This little guy is only six months old. We spent about an hour being entertained by him. He absolutely loved the guys!  He seemed to enjoy running back and forth along the sofa and climbing up on the men. The little monkey was very adorable and a wonderful distraction from the rain.  I wonder if he can come to our next event?

Lunch At Wabi SabiOur day didn't go exactly as planned. Before the first load took off, it started to drizzle. I didn't want to give up hope that we might eventually get to jump, but as the day pressed on hope slipped away. Just before lunch, we gathered to discuss our options. 

Those of us not taking the course decided to have lunch and cocktails at a local restaurant - Wabi Sabi. Some of the girls had a chance to indulge, but I was a designated driver. Even though I didn't get to have a glass of wine, my lunch was super yummy!

After lunch, we headed back to the DZ. A number of sisters had brought snacks for the event - donuts, coffee, fresh fruit, granola bars and candy! I helped Adrianne clean up the SIS table while we waited for the girls to finish the canopy course.

I introduced myself to Maxine and gave her a pair of SIS socks. Even though Maxine has not broken her ankles, she wears braces too! I was thrilled when she said that she'd wear the socks during her next swoop competition. 

Meeting Maxine was very awesome for a number of reasons. She is so down to earth - just like the other female professional skydivers I've met. She was so easy to talk to. Plus, I love her accent! When I mentioned I was there to do Pink Mafia initiations, she said she knew who I was. Maxine Tate knows who I am? What??? I hope that she has heard good things about me.   

SIS CakeWe went over to the campground and hung out in Adrianne's trailer. Getting together in a quiet place, gave us an opportunity to bond and ask questions openly without worrying about what the boys would think.

After our meeting, we headed out for dinner with the guys. When we were all finished eating, Adrianne drew names for the door prizes. I was very excited because I won a reserve repack from Jim Crouch! YAY! 

Before we left the restaurant, Adrianne brought out a cake made by Courtney. It was delicious!

Even though I was tempted to go back to the campground, I said my goodbyes and headed home. Thank you VSC for a wonderful day of food, friends & fun!