Carol 18,000

Since Matt had to work before we could head over to the drop zone, we got a late start.  Our original plan was to arrive there around 11, but we didn't get there until noon. A group of experienced jumpers headed out to the plane for a picture.  They were getting ready for Carol's 18,000 jump!  Very awesome!  Matt grabbed our camera and took a group shot.  Super cool! 

FF AndrewWhen I went to manifest, Sherry asked me if I would make a jump with one of the newbies. It's so hard for me to say no to these! So, my first jump of the day was with Andrew (26 jumps).  I kept flying in so he could dock on me, but each time, he reached for me and started back sliding. When we landed, we talked about it and I told him that he needed to remember to words:  No reaching!  He said he was afraid he'd run into me. Ah...I remember that fear. We've all been there! Check out our jump!

Kaitlyn, Dania & CourtneyOn the second jump of the day, I did a PMS initiation jump with Kaitlyn, Courtney & Dania.  Finally!  We'd been trying to do this jump for so long.  I was super happy when Matt agreed to come along and shoot video. He is the best husband EVER! 

When I watched his video at the end of the day, I realized that I should be taking my own advice! I need to get in closer when I give out the Barbies and Matt needs to get closer because his lens is wide angle.  We are both still learning!

Perfect way to end the day...4 way RW with Eric, Matt & Carol Clay.  It was her 18,002!  Woo hoo!

Carol's 18002