Once I had our bags packed, I rechecked the weather (around 4:00 PM).  Things were looking about the same.  We'd be able to jump in the morning before the clouds came in.  From the look of things, we might only get one state. One is better than none! I put everything in the car.

When Matt came home from work, all he had to do was grab his computer, the chargers, and change clothes. Everything else was done. We pulled out of the driveway at 4:40 PM - five minutes ahead of schedule.  Yay! 

Driving up 95 North is always a hit or miss.  Sometimes, it's a breeze and sometimes it is really congested.  When we merged onto the highway from 295, it was very slow, but the GPS said it was the fastest way to get to Wegman's in Woodbridge. We arrived in Woodbridge at 6:15 - about 15 minutes later than normal.

Since rush hour traffic was still heavy, we decided to have some dinner at Pot Belly before we got back on the highway.  Our sandwiches were yummy and Matt grabbed a fruit smoothie for the road.

Back on 95, it was slow going.  Our ETA for NY was around 1:00 AM.  We got through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel ($8) and paid the toll for Delaware turnpike($4).  Around 9:30, we were about to enter Delaware and I asked Matt to recheck the weather.

UGH...things weren't looking good. I stopped at the next exit so we could get a better look.  Matt checked NY first - not promising.  Then, he checked Skydive Sussex.  It looked the same as NY - low clouds all day.  Since we were only an hour away from Cross Keys, I suggested Matt check their weather too - more low clouds.

After a short conversation, we decided to head home.  We could have continued on to Cross Keys and maybe we'd get in a low pass, but it didn't make sense to pay for a hotel room for a "maybe".  I was so frustrated!

Matt reminded me that we really lucked out on our other road trips.  NJ and NY aren't really that far in comparison to Oklahoma.  He had a good point. I turned the car around and headed home. When we arrived at our house, it was around 1:20 this morning. GRRRRR!