A message from Matt:

So yesterday, I was on a mission to get the wrong pants replaced with the correct color.  Of course, the reason we bought them online was because the store near our house didn't have them in all of the sizes we needed.  I had to drive to 2 different Kohl's to find the 3 pairs of pants and exchange them.  That was step one....completed.  

Then, we had to make sure they fit everyone.  Fortunately, mine fit great so that's 1 of 3.  Today I had to drive all over Virginia to take them to Jason and Kenny so they could try them on.  Jason's fit great so that's 2 of 3.  Lastly, Kenny tried it on and other than him laughing at how we want the top button undone, it fit him great as well!  That's 3 for 3.  As of this post, I haven't told Sarah yet, but I'm sure she will be very excited to hear that the guys clothes are all taken care of.   =)

COMMENT from Sarah:  Yay!  I'm so happy the pants fit!