When we woke up on Sunday morning, the weather wasn't perfect.  It was hot and humid, but we agreed to go to VSC.  We didn't want Matt's 1,200th jump to be a low pass at the D.A.R.E. demo on the 9th.  We got to the drop zone right around 11, but there weren't many people around. Once we were in the hangar, we found out that Carolyn had a sinus infection and she wasn't even there. Bummer!

Our plans went from a big way belly to a 2 way freefly jump.  We exited the plane in a sit train and then just hung out together.  Matt docked on me three times!  Even though the jump wasn't what we had originally discussed, it was awesome.  I feel so fortunate that we have an opportunity to share our special jumps together! I love seeing Matt smile when we are in freefall!  Congratulations on your 1,200th jump Matt!  I love you :)

Matt's 1200th

Just before we got on the plane for Matt's 1,200th jump, I ran into Rachel.  She's one of the VSC locals.  A few weeks back, I had mentioned The Pink Mafia initiation jump to Rachel and she agreed to be the guinea pig for my first PMS sit fly initiation jump.

VSC RachelRachel is super tiny and although she said she has a fast fall rate, I had my doubts. We decided to leave the plane in a sit train so we could stay together.

When we were dirt diving, I started worrying about losing the Barbies on the exit.  Normally, I dive out of the plane with the Barbies.  For this jump, I needed to climb out of the plane (holding on with my left hand), and give the count with my right hand.  The two Barbies would also be in my right hand- catching air.  

As soon as we were packed up, we manifested for the next load.  The climb out went well.  As I left the plane, I moved Rachel's Barbie to my left hand.  She'd just have to swing around and grab it.

She did great!  She took it right out of my hand.  It's a good thing too because I was falling entirely too fast for her. She spent most of the jump in a stand carving circles around me.  

I tried to do the Hokie Pokie with Barbie, but ended up corking out a couple of times.  I'm definitely going to have to work on this some more!

It was an awesome day!  Two super fun jumps and we managed to make it home in time to cook something yummy for dinner!