Z-Hills SignEven though my ankle was hurting, it didn't make sense to rush home.  I bought some crutches, ice packs, a brace and some ibuprofen at the drug store. I wasn't sure what I would be doing while I was at Z-Hills, but it was better to be sitting in the Florida sun than sulking at home.  

When I entered manifest, I was happy to see Laurie Clark!  After we talked about my ankle, I decided to sign up for water training.  Laurie looked through my log book to see if I met the freefall and landing requirements for my B license.  YAY! I only needed the water training and the exam.  Laurie suggested I take the exam and get it out of the way.

I spent an hour or so studying the SIM and took the test and PASSED!   To earn a USPA "B" license, you need the following: 

  • A license
  • 50 jumps / 30 minutes of controlled freefall time
  • 10 accuracy landings (10 meters of target center)  
  • Ability to perform maneuvers (left 360, right 360, backloop, left 360, right 360, backloop) in freefall in 18 seconds or less OR 10 successful formation jumps.
  • Water Training
  • Pass Written Exam

Water Training

Later in the day, I attended the ground school for water training. We discussed how to prepare for a water landing and what to do once we were in the water.  For more information about water training, check out the Section 5 of the SIM.

In a bathing suit and shorts, I crutched out to the swoop pond and joined the group.  The swoop pond at Z-hills was pretty gross, but when I entered the water my foot sank down in the muck.  It actually provided some much needed relief.  We took turns simulating water landings.  By the end of the session, I was B license certified!