After two hours of sleep, I got in the shower. I was surprised by how slowly the tub was draining. Matt came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and he said there was hair on the floor the night before. 

While I was putting on my clothes, I noticed that our room was very dusty. I took a wet wash cloth and wiped off the shelf under the tv. Yuck. I showed Matt. From the look of our room, it didn't seem like it had been cleaned. I was so irritated. I expected more from the Sheraton especially because our room was over $200!

When we left our room, I stopped at the front desk to complain. The young woman behind the counter stared at me with her big doe eyes. I could tell she had no idea what to say. That's when a gentleman, Skylar, asked me what was wrong. I started with the beds. How can you sell someone a bed you don't have? All I wanted was a good nights sleep. I didn't want a room with a view. I wanted a room with a king size bed. Then, I showed him the wash cloth. This is the Sheraton not some cheap motel - I expected my room to be immaculate.

Skylar said he wanted to make it right and he did - our room was free. He also gave me two coupons for the breakfast buffet, and the young woman handed me a bag of chocolates. Thanks for making it right Sheraton!

The breakfast buffet was awesome - made to order omelettes, fresh fruit, sausage, bacon, and so much more. After we finished eating, it was time to head to the drop zone - Alaska Skydive Center.