For the first time in awhile, we slept in! When we I finally got out of bed, it was nearly 7:30. After our showers, we went down to the lobby for breakfast. I brought along my pecan French toast and heated it up in the microwave. Even though Matt doesn't really like nuts, I gave him a piece and he liked it. So yummy! I am sure the other hotel guest we jealous.

After breakfast, we went back to the room to pack up our things. With the exception of the condo in Hawaii, this was the longest time we'd spent in one place. On most of our trips, we changed hotel rooms every night. We enjoyed our stay at the Best Western Plus, but we needed to relocate to Denver for the last night of our vacation.

While I sorting the laundry and packing our bags, Matt did research on potential destinations for the day. After considering a number of options, Matt picked Fremont Canyon Recreational Park located about 45 miles south of Casper. What a relaxing drive and a wonderful place to visit!

Fremont Canyon

While we were hiking along the edge, Matt found a steep narrow opening in the rocks that went down to a lower level. Just the thought of being between two large rock slabs is upsetting! 

Matt at Fremont Canyon Lower level

Fremont Canyon Matt over the edge

I started making a video tape using my iPhone and encouraged Matt to climb up the rocks.

From where I was standing, it didn't look that challenging. I thought he could wedge his body in the crevice and use his hands to pull himself up. But what do I know? Rock climbing looks easy on television, but I've never tried to climb up the side of a rock face.

Before he gave it a try, Matt objected and said he thought it was a bad idea. It quickly became apparent that rock climbing is harder than it looks! Things did not end well for Matt.

He slipped and hit his elbow. Ouch!

Matt's Elbow

On the plus side, Matt didn't tumble down the rocks into the water or lose his sunglasses! That would have been extremely bad!

Even though Matt was bleeding, he was a trooper and we continued our hike.

Sarah and Matt

The view was amazing!

Fremont Canyon

We didn't have enough time to explore everything they have to offer at Fremont Canyon, but we had a great visit! It was just after noon when we got on the road to Denver.