Our flight was running a little behind schedule.  When we were supposed to be boarding, they were still unloading the plane. Grrrr! 

Once we were on board, we got settled into our seats. We shared our row with an unaccompanied minor (I am going to call her Z). For the first part of the flight, she was sleeping. 

We were happy to discover that American Airlines was a little more generous with leg room than Delta, but a little disappointed to discover our flight didn't have free entertainment - they didn't even have screens in the seat backs.

No worries...I had a backup plan. Hangman! Matt and I played for about an hour or so before we decided to take a break. When Z woke up, I played dots with her while Matt rested.  She was very polite and we behaved and I enjoyed talking with her.  

When we got to Texas, we went to our gate expecting to spend some time waiting to board, but they were already loading the plane. The flight attendant said they want to go home. If all the passengers were on board, we could take off ahead of schedule. Our second flight was on a new Airbus A321 with some inflight entertainment for free. Sweet! 

As soon as I was in my seat, I realized that we hadn't stopped to buy drinks. I asked one of the flight attendants if I could have some water and she said she'd sneak some to me. It was a fast flight to Denver, but the landing was a little scary.

As we were landing, the overhead bins started to rattle loudly. I wondered if some guy in engineering got canned for this blunder. I also wondered why American hadn't fixed it? It scared the crap out of us!

We landed ahead of schedule, but there wasn't enough airport staff to unload the plane so we had to to wait. After an unpleasant 20 minutes, we finally started to exit.

Matt and I decided to split up. I looked for the car rental shuttle and he went to get our checked bag. According to the directions on my confirmation, I was supposed to go through door 511 and wait on 4th Island marked "Car Rental Shuttle".

While I was waiting on the island, I watched as multiple shuttles came and went. Hmmm...where was the Fox shuttle? When the third Enterprise shuttle arrived, I asked the driver about FOX. He said they run every 30-40 minutes - Enterprise runs every 15. Good to know for future reference!

By the time the Fox shuttle arrived, Matt was waiting with me.