On the climb to altitude, I had a better visual picture of the formation and my slot. All I needed to do on this jump was the same thing I did on the last one. This time, I left the plane a little faster.

Second Exit

I was right on the heels of Kevin and Christine. Our exit altitude was 18,000 and the first round of trackers were going to leave at 6,500 feet. That gave us 11,500 or approximately 70 seconds to get it together. This time, the planes were synchronized perfectly! It looked like we might all be able to get together.

Attempt 2

Just as I was getting ready to take my spot, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Someone came in and pulled down one side of the formation. Yikes!

Attempt 2 - Wipe Out

After everything fell apart, I wasn't sure where to go. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you'll notice a couple of jumpers. I hung out near my spot and waited for the signal to track.

Now what?

As I headed for the drop zone under canopy, I felt fortunate to be on the right side of the runway. Most of the other canopies were on the left.

Canopy Ride 2

See all those white spots over the trees?  Those are canopies!

My second landing was relatively dry, but yet again I had to make the trip across the main landing area to get to the hangar. At first, I was trying to keep my feet dry, but there was no way to avoid walking through water.

After I put my gear down, I took off my shoes and socks and put them in the sun. The first pair was now dry. Awesome! 

I packed my rig and ate lunch - apples with peanut butter and other snacks. I also checked my Protrack. The average speed of the first 1/2 of the jump was 114. The fall rate was a little faster, but not by much.

Since the jump didn't go so well, the organizers made a few changes. On a positive note, we were all doing a good job of tracking and flying predictable canopy patterns. As predicted, the winds were kicking up and they put us on a wind hold. GRRRR!