For the most part, the September/October weekend weather has been kinda crappy. On top of the bad weather, I had a serious allergic reaction to some yard waste and wasn't able to jump for a couple of weeks.

Today, the Richmond weather was gorgeous and I was feeling awesome! We grabbed some drinks and bagels and headed over to Skydive Orange. On the way, I texted a friend to ask about the weather at Orange. Things weren't so great at the moment, but it was supposed to clear up by 11. Perfect!

My first jump was a low pass. I left the plane on my back.

Blue Sky

Check out Norman! It felt great to be back in the air.

I was a little nervous under canopy. Would I remember how to land? When I came in, I flared and slid in. Matt was standing next to me and said, "Why didn't you stand up? You could have totally stood that up." I could have, but sliding was a guaranteed soft landing.

Our next jump was a five way belly jump. One of our friends Kevin was organizing and Celine and Gorka (sp?) came along with us. 

Exit from Airplane

 When we left the plane, Gorka ran into us. See the hand on the right side? That's Gorka's.

Airplane Exit

He came in fast and collided with us. As a result, we broke apart. Fortunately, it didn't take long for us to get back together and we managed to get 7 points.


This time, I was a little more confident under canopy. One of my goals for 2017 is to earn my Pro Rating. I decided to practice landing accuracy and set up to land in the peas.

Sarah & SpencerI love the sound of the pea gravel - success!

I did another low pass to see if I could duplicate my results and over shot the peas by 3 feet. Not too bad.

It as a super fun day at Skydive Orange! While we were there, we ran into Spencer from Minnesota. What a small world! Spencer has moved to Virginia and is now working at Orange!

When we left the drop zone, they were still putting up loads. However, our need for food exceeded the need for another jump. We were starving!