A number of people have asked how we got to all 50 states and how much money we spent. It's going to take me awhile to figure out the cost for everything as I will need to go through some old credit card statements.

I decided to start by determining how many states we drove to from our home - THIRTY SIX! There were 16 different road trips - 3 day trips and 13 that required at least one overnight stay.

Us Driving

We only flew to 8 states - Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas, Utah & Washington. In 2011, we flew to Boston to jump in Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut, but we ended up driving back through these states later. 

US Map Flights

Three flights were dedicated to only one state - Hawaii, Alaska and Utah! The other flights yeilded multiple states and a fair amount of driving. 

This map represents the states we drove to from our home and the states we drove to after we landed from our flights.

Map of driving

How many miles did we drive? Over 21,000 in our van and approximately 7,000 miles in rental cars.

Our longest drive was 3,248 miles. We left on the evening of August 18th and were home at 6:15 AM on August 23rd. We were gone only 4 days and 14 hours. That's an average of 708 miles each day!