Waze trafficNormally, I don't stop until I need to get gas, but I really needed to get something to drink. About 20 miles down VT-22A, we stopped at the Shoreham Service Center. Another super clean facility with beautiful fresh cut flowers in the bathroom. It seems to be a North-East thing! We looked for a spoon and key chain - no luck!

At some point, Matt took over the driving and suggested I rest. That's when I realized that my pillow was missing! UGH! I was the one that loaded the luggage cart and I completely forgot to grab it off the bed. Such a bummer!

We decided to get Chick-Fil-a for dinner since it had been awhile. I found one located in Paramus, NJ. As we got closer to the Chick-Fil-A, we discovered that it was actually inside the Paramus Park Shopping Center. Dislike! I told Matt that I would just run in and get the food and he could wait with the car. I wasn't thinking about the fact that it was Saturday night at 7:30 PM. By the time I found the Chick-fil-A (conveniently located on the second level) and order, it was already 7:42. Then, I had to wait for the milkshakes. I spent entirely too much time inside the mall.

Another Traffic DelayWhen I got back to the car with the food, it was almost 8:00 PM. Our next stop was for gas on the New Jersey Turnpike. Matt offered to drive again and I let him take over and tried to get some rest. When we were 128 miles from home, we came across an accident and most of the lanes were closed. Traffic was dragging along and our ETA to get home kept increasing!

After we were on 95 S, we figured it would be smooth sailing, but they were doing construction and all lanes were backed up. It felt like we'd never make it home. Matt continued to drive until we reached the rest stop north of Fredericksburg and I took over again.

Fortunately, the rest of the trip went smoothly. We managed to get home right around 1:45 AM. Matt headed for the shower and I cleaned the cat boxes and make sure they had fresh water.

End MileageThat's when I realized I hadn't taken a picture of our ending mileage. Even though I was tired, I forced myself to go back to the van. We'd driven 1,248 miles. I was soexhausted, but it was totally worth it! Only seven states left. Woo hoo!